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Today I Will - Relax and unwind with these guided meditations

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Today I will


Creative visualisations to make your life calm


by Carmen Warrington & David Jones


Seven easy, creative meditations:


1.      Dive into the ocean of peace ( 9:30)

2.      Centre myself ( 6:30)

3.      Keep a calm perspective ( 9:40)

4.      Release into peace ( 3:35)

5.      Meditate on a virtue ( 13:00)

6.      Visit my inner sanctuary ( 15:30)

7.      Simply let go ( 9:30)        


Total running time: 67 minutes


Use these inspiring and soothing meditations when you want to

    • experience deep calm,
    • take a break from your worries and concerns,
    • create a place of peace in your mind,
    • relax and unwind from daily pressures,
    • release stress and tension,
    • think positive thoughts,
    • connect with your inner peace.

Carmen Warrington is an accomplished performer, meditation artist, song-writer and vocussionist. (The term ‘vocussionist’ was coined for her blend of rhythmic and percussive words and sounds.) Carmen has written and recorded numersous top-selling meditation CDs, which have helped thousands of people all over the world to find peace and inner power.

Carmen’s voice is soothing, intimate and nurturing – the perfect instrument to guide would-be meditators into calm and creative experiences.

Also see Carmen’s book, Today I Will ...100 ways to make your life calm and creative