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About us, is mostly about you

Eternity Ink publishes and sources meditation, self-help, personal-development and spiritually insightful books, CDs and cards for you. We thoroughly enjoy offering products to benefit mind, body and soul, and we hope you enjoy using them equally as much!

Whether you are looking for sublime meditation CDs, quality books to assist with your spiritual growth and self-development, a great pack of the wonderful ‘pick me up’ affirmation cards, or a meditation kit to take you all the way, you’ve landed on the right spot.

If you want to know more about us, please read on or just click here to start browsing.

A bit more about Eternity Ink

Based in Australia, Eternity Ink is a publisher and distributor of quality books and CDs with a focus on meditation, positive thinking, personal growth, peace of mind, stress-relief, the meditation-health relationship and good ol’ fashioned values and virtues (may sound boring but immensely uplifting to the point of sometimes being life-changing).

Many of our publications are by teachers and presenters of the international meditation organisation, the Brahma Kumaris - experts on meditation and spirituality.

In our webshop you will find books, music and spoken-word products that provide learning in:

  • Creating a relaxed and peaceful state of mind
  • Self-discovery and personal-development
  • Spirituality and connecting with your inner self
  • Creating happiness and living a stress-free life
  • Tools for assisting with ill-health

…for both kids and adults!

Want a real shopping experience?

For those who live in Melbourne, Australia, we have a shop at 256 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. There you will find a treasure trove of self help books and quality meditation CDs, plus a 'quiet room' where you can test-drive the guided meditations. 

Meditation teachers are available to answer all your questions. Click here for shop information and opening hours.

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Eternity Ink - Inspiring and encouraging spiritual growth, positivity and easy meditation to help you be yourself.