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Will to Wonder - Reclaim your power to unleash love and self acceptance

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21 Jewels of Knowledge: principles on the loss and recovery of power

By Annemarie de Seriere

Are you ready to free your mind from obstacles?
Is it time for you to take command of your situation?
Do you long for healthy, harmonious interaction - with others and with LIFE?

Happiness is our right. Yet few realise it as an ability to practise and cultivate. We all have the power. When we believe it, we can achieve our heart's desires - endlessly! Will to Wonder invites you to soar.

Reclaim your power to unleash love and self-acceptance

Rediscover your irrepressible core

Take the reins and create your own path

Change your destiny and

Show others how to master and change theirs

You are a powerful, sparkling soul.

Remember your truth. Re-ignite your magnificence. Celebrate your life.

Annemarie De Seriere is a creator of Resolutions 4 life - a service for alternative healing. More than ten years spent working in disability services and palliative and aged care has taught her the value of people, of potential and of power. Coming from an adverse background, Annemarie understands the challenges of life - experiencing first-hand the extremes of grief, loss of hope and joy. Finding the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University gave Annemarie her place of belonging. A student of life, Annemarie is a seeker of truth and enthusiastic about self transformation. Her resolution is to live by example, to create waves of cooperation and to be a shining lighthouse for others.

Within these pages, you’ll reconnect with how amazing that feels. Know that your WILL to WONDER makes it all happen.

Book is 15 x 15cm