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Mystic at the Edge - A western woman coloured by Asia

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A Western Woman Coloured by Asia

By Maureen Chen

Full of spiritual wisdom and insights, Mystic at the Edge is a book you can pick up at any time to uplift, enlighten, and encourage you.

The first part spans Maureen Chen's life growing up in 'White' Australia, marrying her Chinese husband Tom, travelling through Asia in search of a monastery where they could pursue the teachings of Buddha, onto Europe and back to Australia where they begin to follow the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. In parts two and three Maureen shares deep and meaningful explorations and contemplations on practical spirituality and how her spiritual philosophy and lifestyle interface with wider world views.

Entertaining yet powerful, and perhaps at times challenging, Mystic at the Edge shows that spirituality is not about being flaky, counter-cultural, or religious. Spirituality is a natural calling in all of us to practice being who we really are and support each other in making a better world.

"It is rare these days for someone to commit to a particular path. Maureen has clearly chosen hers, and yet she is open and enjoys being challenged by conflicting beliefs. She reads widely and incorporates whatever she finds of benefit to her personal practice. Mystic at the Edge offers a rare insight into the life, and more interestingly, into the mind of a deep meditator. After all, don't you sometimes wonder what is going on when someone is sitting still in silence for hours?" - Paul Wilson, the 'Guru of Calm', best selling author and meditation teacher.

A native of Sydney, Australia, Maureen Chen has travelled, read and learned widely. She has studied and taught Raja Yoga Meditation with the Brahma Kumaris for over 40 years, establishing and sustaining Meditation Centres in Australia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and the Philippines. In Hong Kong, Maureen was the Moderator of the Hong Kong Network on Religion and Peace, Chairperson of Unity of Peace, Secretary of the Living Values Education and Secretary of the Asian Business Leadership Exchange, ABLE. She also helped to establish the Foodlink Foundation, an NGO linking hotels and restaurants with social welfare organisations. Maureen went on to establish social enterprises for victims of landmines; the Khmer Independent Life Team (KILT), and the Peace Cafe; a vegetarian community cafe offering values and environmental training in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Book is 15 x 23cm