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Floating Free MP3 - Discover the enchanted world of positive, empowering thoughts - for children and youth.

  • Floating Free front cover


Discover the enchanted world of positive thoughts!

Created by school teachers and parents.

Creative meditation narratives for children to enjoy with friends or by themselves.

Each of the nine narratives offers an experience of relaxation with a background story depicting one of the nine core values from the National Framework for Values-based Education in Australian schools.

This MP3 offers a new way to give children an experience of the nine core values, while creating an atmosphere of quiet focus and respect in class or other group settings.

The narratives have been designed to help children develop respect for themselves and for others. As well, their free time will be enriched by the relaxing, enjoyable experience offered by entering the enchanted world of positive thoughts.

Sounds of nature, bird calls and the enchanting deep vibrations of the didgeridoo enrich the relaxing background music.

Includes 9 meditation narratives:


01 Standing Tall
02 Playing Your Part
03 Feeling Good About Yourself
04 Floating Free and Safe
05 From Frisbee to Friend
06 Listening With Love
07 Running a Fair Race
08 Trusting Each Other
09 New Rhythms

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