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Sacred Space MP3 - guided meditations to soothe the mind and inspire forgiveness and unity

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The sacred space of my mind

By Charlie Hogg & Dr Kim Cunio

Guided meditations to soothe the mind and inspire forgiveness and unity, lovingly created and spoken by Charlie Hogg, with music from Dr Kim Cunio. These meditations are based on the teachings of Brahma Kumaris.  They aim to connect us to our core self and take us to our higher self.  They focus and calm swirling thoughts and bring both mind and body to a state of centred-ness, peace and upliftment.
Track 1, includes guest singing from award winning singer, Heather Lee.

Five guided meditations to soothe the mind:

  1. I am peace (17 mins)                             
  2. Is there anything more precious than the sharing of love (12 mins)        
  3. Cultivating beauty (5 mins)
  4. The sacred space of my mind (11 mins)
  5. Forgiveness (13 mins) 
1. I am peace
2. Is there anything more precious than the sharing of love.mp3
3. Cultivating beauty
4. The sacred space of my mind
5. Forgiveness

About the creators

Charlie Hogg has been a daily meditator for 45 years. His passion is to transform the knowing into experiencing through the practice if meditation. Charlie is presently the National Coordinator of The Brahma Kumaris in Australia based in Sydney. 

Dr Kim Cunio has been a mediator for 30 years. He combines his love of meditation and spiritual practice with an international career in music composition, performance and research. Kim is Head of Music at The Australian National University and is Australia’s leading composer and interpreter of sacred traditional music.

I am not defined by colour.

I do not age and I am beyond gender.

I am the being within this body

I am a soul.

Copyright Brahma Kumaris Australia, June 2020 - Meditation commentaries.

Copyright Dr. Kim Cunio, June 2020 - Music: Cello, piano and accompaniments.