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The Story of Immortality - A return to self sovereignty

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The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty

Discover the pathway to understanding that which is immortal - the self, the supreme source, the home of souls and the world drama!

The Story of Immortality is a story of souls in relation to time.  It is a story of the loss of our original greatness and eventually even the forgetting that we were great, until one day - utterly disoriented and on the brink of despair - we are lucky enough to find a hidden door that takes us onto a path of ascent that was invisible before.

Today the world is filled with people, wandering in search of something - some are searching for truth, some are searching for God. Always it is a search for a true identity - an explanation of who they really are and where they fit into the vast story of humanity.

This is the story of the Confluence Age, the most subtle and elevated of the great ages of humankind. However, unlike the other ages, this one is available only to those who grasp the difference between the temporal, material world and the eternal, spiritual universe that moves within it.


Based on the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris.  Compiled by Gayatri Naraine, Judy Rogers & Carol Gill.

Those who know the Brahma Kumaris may know them for wearing white, for the fact they are led by women, for their practice of open-eyed meditation, for their emphasis on self-transformation, or for their greeting of “om shanti”.
What most don’t know about the Brahma Kumaris is the base of knowledge that constitutes their foundation. Raja Yoga, the oldest meditation and the newest, is not a devotional path. It is a path of learning, study, and application in daily life. Until now, the foundational knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris has been available primarily through a course given orally from one person to another. Because they understand this knowledge to be so vital for the world at this time, the Brahma Kumaris have undertaken to share it more broadly in this book.

The Story of Immortality takes the reader by the hand and invites him or her into the magical world of the Confluence Age, an age of epochal transformation in the world. The teachings are timeless and address the most persistent questions of any spiritual seeker: What is the nature of the soul? Who is God? How does the universal Law of Karma work? What is the nature of time? What is the relationship among the world’s great religions? What should we be doing at this time?

Though these teachings were given in India beginning in 1936 through the instrument referred to as Brahma Baba, they were given for all the souls of the world. Over these decades, the Brahma Kumaris have remained committed to preserving with absolute accuracy the teachings as they were given.

Illustrations by Atanu Roy.

HARD BACK COVER, 25cm x 30cm.




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